I am a Licensed therapist (LMHC) and a certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor (PMH-C) in Spokane, Washington.  I started my career and my education with an emphasis on treating trauma and PTSD.  A few years into my practice, I found that there was a significant lack of mental health providers trained to work with families going through fertility struggles, pregnancy, and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.  I spent two additional years working on gaining certification as a perinatal mental health therapist.  I am currently one of three who are certified in Spokane.  In addition, I am a trained EMDR  therapist and have extensive experience working with teens and adolescents.  

My practice focuses on treating trauma and PTSD, spiritual or faith transitions, abuse, anxiety and depression, OCD, and post-partum/perinatal mental health issues.  I also work with parents that experience birthing trauma, medical trauma, and pregnancy and/or infant loss.  My theoretical basis primarily draws from EMDR, relationship-centered, and other cognitive and strength-based approaches.

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Brave Counseling Services provides a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental atmosphere for those seeking mental health care..

Personal Philosophy

My goal in the treatment process is to nurture a supportive therapeutic environment to explore your concerns and implement effective coping skills that focus on your strengths and resources.  The purpose of the counseling process is to help you, the client, gain tools and insight that will facilitate continued growth after counseling has ended. I believe that you are the expert of your life, and that within in the framework of our therapeutic alliance, you have the ability to access your inner resources and experience personal change.  I am grateful for the opportunity to join you on your brave journey.