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The Spokane Counselor Services

Welcome to The Spokane Counselor! We are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive mental health services to individuals of all ages, from young children to older adults. Our goal is to support your journey towards mental wellness through personalized care, whether in person or via telehealth.


Our Services

Individual Therapy: We offer one-on-one sessions tailored to meet your unique needs and goals, serving children (3+), adolescents, adults, and seniors.  Our therapists will create a treatment plan based on your needs and goals.  


Group Therapy: Our group sessions provide a supportive environment where individuals can share experiences and receive support from others facing similar challenges. We offer a variety of groups for different issues and age groups, ensuring a supportive community for everyone.



Specialized Therapies

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): A structured therapy method proven effective for overcoming trauma and PTSD.

LGBTQ+ Therapy: Inclusive and affirmative therapy services for LGBTQ+ individuals, addressing unique challenges related to identity, relationships, and mental health.


Perinatal and Postpartum Therapy: We provide therapy for mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth, addressing issues such as postpartum depression and anxiety. We also have counselors who specialize in pregnancy and infant loss. 


Kids and Teens Therapy: Our youth-focused care addresses a wide range of issues including academic stress, mental health struggles,  peer relationships, and family dynamics. 



Modes of Therapy

In-Person Sessions: Traditional therapy sessions are held at our comfortable and private practice locations.


Telehealth Sessions: Virtual therapy sessions are available from the comfort of your home, using secure and confidential video conferencing. We even have providers licensed in Idaho, California, and Michigan.




Why Choose Us?

Our team of licensed therapists are highly trained and experienced in a wide range of therapeutic modalities. We take a holistic approach, considering all aspects of your well-being and tailoring our services to fit your individual needs. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.


Take the first step towards mental wellness today. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. We are here to support you on your journey to better mental health. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your mental health goals.




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