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Amy Klein MA, LMHC

As a counselor I love to help people. I have worked mostly with different kinds of trauma. I am EMDR certified and have experience with domestic violence, sexual assault, car accidents, surviving life threatening illness and developmental trauma. Working in this field for the last 10 years I have learned a lot of things and am always looking to learn more to be as helpful as I can be. In counseling I feel that the person coming in to work on things is the export and I am there to provide help and direction.

There are a number of different modalities that I use in sessions so that I am able to adapt to the needs of each person coming to seem me. My primary focus is trauma and I have experience with challenging cases. I have also worked with people in life transitions and helping them take the next steps in their journey.

If you are needing someone to listen, to help walk with you through challenges in life I would like to be the one to help. It is hard to face emotions, but it is needed. It is my hope that be being with you when you face them it feels less unmanageable. Learning skills to work with your emotions is an amazing way to feel in control of them.

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