Individual Psychotherapy

Everyone experiences stress-- it is inevitable.  However, stress can sometimes hinder our capacity to cope, and we may feel a sense of loneliness, disconnect, and frustration.  Symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, and can develop leaving us feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. I can help individuals on their journey to finding mental wellness again.

Postpartum Depression

If you recently gave birth and are experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness, emotional turmoil, loneliness, and stress, I'm here to help in this new life transition. My goal is to aid you in symptom reduction and to provide tools to help manage the physical and emotional difficulties that can occur after giving birth.

Trauma Therapy

Sometimes life experiences can leave you feeling stuck and hopeless.  Whether the experience was traumatic, painful, or otherwise disturbing, it can have a lasting impact that is both physically and emotionally painful. I am trained to treat PTSD and trauma related symptoms utilizing EMDR and other trauma focused modalities

Adolescents and Teens

Adolescence comes with it's own set of difficulties and stressors.  Developmentally, teens struggle to express and name their emotions, resulting in turmoil, depression, and struggle.  Teens greatly benefit from having someone to talk to and help give them through a variety of issues.

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